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[2018-09-11] Next Day Disclosure Return
[2018-09-05] Monthly Return of Equity Issuer on Movements in Securities for ...
[2018-08-29] Next Day Disclosure Return
[2018-08-28] Next Day Disclosure Return
[2018-08-24] Next Day Disclosure Return

[2017-12-13] Golden Eagle Retail Group Acquires 7-Eleven Franchise in Jiangs...  
[2017-11-18] Grand Opening of Golden Eagle World in Nanjing  
[2017-03-17] Golden Eagle Hosts "Business Partnership Conference 2017"in Nan...  
[2015-08-30] Kunming Nanya Store has suspended operation with effect from 31...
[2015-05-04] Golden Eagle's Hefei Baihuajing Store and Dadongmen Store to su...
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